PTFE Glassfiber Adhesive Tape

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PTFE Glassfiber Adhesive Tape


Esone selects high quality pure PTFE film,

with a special surface treatment and then

coating with high quality silicone & acrylic

adhesive to produce the PTFE Coated

Adhesive Tape. Yellow release paper at

back protects the adhesive, we can also

supply small rolls without yellow release

paper. This PTFE Coated Adhesive Tape

has low friction and good lubrication;

insulation to high voltage; good stability

to chemicals and solvent; good adhesion;

wear-resistance, pressure-resistance,

anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistant



Insulation:slot-stick and commutator; slot liners, spacers,

field and armature winding; wire and cable insulation and

protection for industry like LCD/FPC/PCB

Packaging:form fill and seal, impulse/L-bar and poly bag


Manufacturing of battery, protection of electric wire,

dynamo and other electrical appliances.

Nonstick roll coverings for printing and textiles.

Vinyl window manufacturing.

Chemical processing:tank seals and contaminant barriers,

gaskets, membranes, seals & diaphragms, corrosion

resistant chute, drum, hopper liners, lining of spray booths,

guide rails.

Composite mold release and bonding, vacuum bagging.

Other applications which requires chemical and

high-temperature resistance.


Excellent dimensional stability and durability in high and low temperature.

Superior mold-release character, low friction and elongation.

Good electric properties, high-temperature and chemical resistance, anti-aging.

Extreme high tensile strength.

Anti-fire and flame-retardant.

Working temperature -40~260 ℃